What size are the platters?
They're a 40cm steel platter. We don't fill them on the basis of pieces or portions, but we try to make sure each platter is equivalent in size. For 40 guests you'd need 8 - 10 large platters. Ouronline ordering systemworks out the quantities for you then we check the order over personally.

How do I do online catering?
Go for the Choose Your Fingerfood option on the navigation bar, above. Enter the number of people for your function, then choose your menu style and function type. When the finger food photos come up, use the 'change' button if you want to swap a dish over. You can then search for an ingredient you'd like or choose finger food from the menu heading. Use the 'more' or 'less' buttons to alter quantities.

Is all food prepared on site?
Yes. As close to 100% as we can get it. Many of our competitors buy in their food from the lowest cost supplier with predictable results.

Do you use tinned ingredients?
No, unlike most caterers we use fresh tomatoes and fresh everything unless we get really stuck. This makes a big difference!

Do you use frozen sauces?
Fresh sauces whenever we can. Depending on circumstances we sometimes freeze some of our home made pasta sauces.

Is there a surcharge on weekends or public holidays?
Not for food. On Sundays we charge an extra 10% for staff to help cover penalty rates.

How is your food presented?
On stainless steel trays, so it stays hotter. Most caterers use plastic trays so they don't have to return to the premises. If you're comparing quotes make sure you ask what size the trays are. Some caterers have very small trays. Ours are big.

How long has this business been going?
Twenty three years. 100% committed.

Do you deliver to functions anywhere in the Perth Metropolitan area?
Yes, you can pick up the platters yourself or a minimum fee of $55 applies.

What are the pricing and payment arrangements?
A deposit of $100 is required to confirm the booking and a refundable bond is levied. Functions must be paid for seven days in advance. Payment for corporate events and functions is by negotiation.

Cancellation policy
This policy is valid for online, email and phone catering orders

  1. An event and/or order may be cancelled with no charges up to nine (9) full business days prior to the event
  2. Specialty food items are non-refundable – veal, seafood etc
  3. Up to and including 8 days prior to event, 50% of the catered food is non-refundable
  4. 5 to 7 Days prior to event, 75% of the catered food is non-refundable
  5. Day of event and 4 Days prior to event, 100% of the catered food is non refundable
  6. 1 to 2 Days prior to event client may re-schedule catered food, however perishable items and incurred additional expenses (administration, staff etc.) may be deducted from the deposit. Deposit balance will be credited toward the new date. If new date is cancelled then 50% of the deposit will not be refunded.
  7. Refunds are the sole discretion of Finger Food Catering. Although an event may be cancelled or rescheduled, Finger Food Catering reserves the right to allow for consulting and coordinating costs to be deducted from any deposit
  8. Refunds will be actioned periodically

Do you have all the necessary insurance?
Yes, we have public and product liability insurance. All staff are covered for workers' compensation so if an employee has an accident on your premises they are covered by our insurance.

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